Letters to the Editor

[Editor: Many of the letters and e-mail messages which come to our office start with something like this: "I just finished reading The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook," [TSHFH] and then they make their comments, referring to the book as "it." This is indicated by the asterisk [*]. We hope you enjoy their responses. They make our day. Every day!]

*Your evidence came as a delight to me. I am trying to home school my 6-year-old who has little interest in any formal schooling. Phonics is the largest struggle ever. I must say your findings are evidence enough to me that I must relax or he may be another case of burnout. D.M., FL 

*Then I thought about it, prayed about it, have since read it twice more and remain thoroughly impressed with the presentation of information. B.L., CT 

*I was encouraged. I'm a stay-at-home mom of six ranging from age 9 down to 3 months. L.S., AR 

*I am just starting my first year of home schooling with much excitement and a lot of trepidation. I am interested in your philosophies which seem grounded in good common sense. My husband and I determined early on that pushing children to learn before they are ready was basically what had happened to us, and we wanted to avoid that at all costs with our own. Our primary goal is to teach our children how to think-not what to think. A.H., MI 

*I love it. After three years of "Textbook Torture," I am ready for a serious change! K.M.,MO 

APPRECIATES BONDING EXPERIENCE. How I praise God for your work in behalf of home schoolers. My two sons and I did two years home schooling in our camp in the woods of Maine. The bonding experience is worth every effort it takes. J.K., FL 

FUTURE HOME SCHOOLER. We were blessed with our first grandchild. He will be a "second generation" home schooler using the Moore Formula. M.C., GA 

NEW LOOK. I recently received the MRI, and am very impressed. I love the new format and want to commend you on the new look. W. & J.J., CA 

FOLLOWING INTERESTS PAYS OFF. Thank you for the confidence I gained through reading your books. Our homeschooling experience started 10 years ago when my son was entering 6th grade in a Christian School. Suddenly the school wasn't working anymore and we decided to homeschool. We started a rocky year with the curriculum that his school used. It didn't work. Because of your philosophies, I slowly cut down on the amount of bookwork we did and increased the time he spent on his own interests. I was afraid to tell anyone I was doing this, for fear my homeschool status would be jeopardized. He went from a child who hated reading and writing to a voracious reader and writer. At 20 he still writes constantly. A.A. e-mail 

NOT FINISHED YET. You are communicating a wonderful concept with your TSHFH. We just started reading it and it looks like we'll do business. Many homeschoolers have recommended it because it's a down-to-earth easy-to-read style and very helpful for people who are considering homeschooling. It gives us an idea of what to expect on our journey to homeschool our three children. It has helped my wife and me understand how to better educate our children and develop the "we can do it attitude" required for homeschooling. D. & A.R., TX 

VERY MUCH ALIVE. Are Raymond and Dorothy still alive? I saw them at a seminar quite a few years ago. They basically saved myself and my children from a lot of hurt and heartache. I have always been so grateful and cannot remember if I made it known to them. I still lend many homeschoolers their books. They have been more of Godsend than they will ever know. J.W., GA

[Layout Editor's note: At the time of this issue of the MRI, Dr. & Mrs. Moore were alive and kicking! You could usually find them busy in the office six days a week. At this time we are saddened by Mrs. Moore's recent death in February of 2002.] 

FREEDOM TO GROW. After reading the "Moore Formula," I was so delighted to see the freedom necessary for children to grow in every area of their life. I no longer teach in the public school system, but have been granted by God the wonderful opportunity of homeschooling my two granddaughters. The greatest tool for teaching is a never-ending love of learning. When you truly love something, you become excited to share it and others are excited to receive it! A.P., OH

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